Q: What is GavinEats?

A: A guide to the best places to eat in Seattle. Both my local and out of town friends are always asking for my recommendations, so I thought – ‘why not make a website?’

Q: Who are you?

A: I’m Gavin Verhey, a world traveler, game designer, and food lover who has lived in Seattle for most of my life.

Q: So you’re not a food critic? Then why the björk should I trust you?

A: You’re right: I’m an everyday lover of food, just like you. And wouldn’t you rather get your opinions from someone more like you than from a hardened food critic?

Q: No, actually, I wouldn’t. Do you have any reasonable dining experience?

A: Okay, okay, you got me. I’m an everyday lover of food, but with the fortune to experience a staggering array of dining. I’ve eaten all over the country and world, sampling cuisines from all corners of the Earth and daintily devouring over 30 Michelin stars.

At the same time, I’m just as up for poking my head into food trucks and taking out midnight dumplings as I am dressing up for a Michelin night. Whether you’re on the hunt to find the best restaurant in Seattle or the “best” restaurant in Seattle, I can tell you where to go!

Q: Okay, sure, I’ll give it a try, Mister Seattle Food Guy. Where should I go eat?

A: I thought you’d never ask! Check out my food finder here! It’s a master list of every place I’ve eaten at in the greater Seattle area – easily sorted and searched, for your culinary convenience.

Q: How do these ratings work?

A: You can read more about that here. But the short version: places rated Don’t Miss! are the best of the best and you should strive to go there, places rated Eat It! are great places worth going to, and places rated Skip it! are anything below the high bar of greatness.

Q: What’s this “You Should Order” column?

A: They are one dish that I highly recommend ordering there. It may be an appetizer, it may be a main, it may even be a drink. There are plenty of other good things too, but if you want to try my favorite, that’s the one to go for! (And note that the “skip it!” restaurants don’t have recommended orders. If you go there, sorry, but you’re on your own.)

Q: I disagree with one of your ratings!

A:  Great! We are allowed to have different opinions. Also, that’s not a question.

Q: No, I mean, I disagree with one of your ratings and think you should try them out again!

A: In that case, definitely let me know! you can find the form to suggest places to me at the bottom of Gavin’s Next Stops. Be sure to tell me what to order that will change my mind!

Also, that’s still not a question.

Q: And these probably aren’t frequently asked.

A: Touché.

Q: What is this “Gavin’s Next Stops” page??

A: Gavin’s Next Stops are the restaurants that friends and GavinEats users have suggested I try out. I’m slowly getting through the whole list – and I’m sure plenty more will be added!

Q: Do you take suggestions of where to try?

A: Absolutely! Tell me where I should go eat next at the bottom of Gavin’s Next Stops!

Q: I have another question. Where should I send it?

A: Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @GavinVerhey, or send me an email at Gavin@GavinEats.com.

Q: I’m hungry! When is this FAQ finally over?

A: Right… now! Enjoy the food!