Rating System

A lot of websites give restaurants 1-5, or even 1-10 ratings.

GavinEats isn’t one of those places.

My philosophy is simple: you should only eat delicious meals. And given that, anything mediocre should be off the table. After all, are you really going to go to that three-and-a-half star place?

Over at the food finder you’ll see restaurants with one of three rankings:

This is equivalent to 1-3.5 stars. If you see this, it could be horrible, it could even be average, but it doesn’t matter: if you’re searching for great food, you can do better.


These are solid places which produce far above the average of what you’d expect. You will be happy eating at any of these places. Think 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5.


These are the best of the best. The 5 out of 5s. The places truly worth taking a trip to. If you haven’t eaten here, you should make a special trip so it can happen.

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